Patricia Cornwell





Some books from Patricia Cornwell

I discovered this author by chance in 1996. I was at the library looking for a book to read.

The first book I read by Patricia Cornwell was “From Potter’s Field. I did so in a day and a half. That is how much I loved the book. I wanted to know where it went and how it would end. I was able to imagine each places and was trying to figure it out with each clue. It was challenging. I did not find the answer until the end.

Afterward I went to the library so I could read her other books. As I read the second book which was Body of Evidence I felt like I was going backward. I did not like that because it raised more question in me. So one night I sat down and look at the list of books and went by the year she wrote them. What has been interesting is the growth of the characters through out all her books.

What I like about her writing is the way she can pick my curiosity, wonder where she will go with the characters and have awe about some of them like Pete Marino. Matter of fact I was shock by his conduct and at the same time I understand. I am enjoying readingĀ  her books and intend to keep going.

I do have a great collection now that I have bought them all. I am looking forward to Red Mist that is coming out Dec 6. I have link her website so you can check her books out if anyone feels like it.

Have a great evening and great reading.