Some of my favorites

Hello everyone,

I have been wondering what to write about and decided to start with name of authors. There are so many of them.

At this moment I am reading Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Excuses Begone. It is interesting with the techniques he share for changing our way of thinking. I am not far into the book and at the same time I can see the process. I will see where it takes me.

The other book I have read in the past month was I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t)  by Brene Brown. The information was eye opening for me. I like her research and the response of the people. She talks about telling the truth about perfectionism, inadequacy and power. For me it is a good learning curve.

Other authors I like are Patricia Cornwell, Terry Brooks, Faye Kellerman, Jonathan Kellerman, James Paterson and much more.

It will be fun to share my thoughts and see what others think. I hope this will be fun, friendly and with an open mind. We do all have different thoughts about what is a great book and at the same time we can all share our love of books. My goal is to discover more authors and new books.

Have a great time reading.