Stieg Larssson





Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson

I have read the three books which I enjoyed greatly. I realize it may not be for everyone and at the same time I hope people will enjoy reading them. I was so enthralled with it that I had a hard time to put the books down. I remember when I read the first book I did it thru a weekend. A friend of mine recommended the book and I was hook. He knew how to move his characters and new how to keep your attention.

I love the challenge of trying to figure out where the author is going with the story. At each step there was another twist so I could not put my finger on the answer easily. I wanted to know where it was going to take me in the next chapter. For me the story was fluid and consistent which I find important. At the same time I learned some history about his country and how their laws differ from ours.

The intensity was amazing and I saw the three movies and did it just in many ways. I was hoping there would of been more of the story however I think the movies would have been quite long.

It is sad that he has passed away. We will never know what else he would of produced or if the two main characters Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander would have work together again. There has been comment about a fourth book however I am not sure if the opportunity will ever come for us to read. All we can do is wait and see.

It sure is fun to read. Enjoy yourselves.

Patricia Cornwell





Some books from Patricia Cornwell

I discovered this author by chance in 1996. I was at the library looking for a book to read.

The first book I read by Patricia Cornwell was “From Potter’s Field. I did so in a day and a half. That is how much I loved the book. I wanted to know where it went and how it would end. I was able to imagine each places and was trying to figure it out with each clue. It was challenging. I did not find the answer until the end.

Afterward I went to the library so I could read her other books. As I read the second book which was Body of Evidence I felt like I was going backward. I did not like that because it raised more question in me. So one night I sat down and look at the list of books and went by the year she wrote them. What has been interesting is the growth of the characters through out all her books.

What I like about her writing is the way she can pick my curiosity, wonder where she will go with the characters and have awe about some of them like Pete Marino. Matter of fact I was shock by his conduct and at the same time I understand. I am enjoying reading  her books and intend to keep going.

I do have a great collection now that I have bought them all. I am looking forward to Red Mist that is coming out Dec 6. I have link her website so you can check her books out if anyone feels like it.

Have a great evening and great reading.


My steps to links






As a new blogger I am slowly moving forward. When I decided to create my blog I kept coming back to to the thought to share. I know we all have different views and as we share we learn, grow and discover new authors along the way. I just love reading.

I am slowly adding links. I do not know if there is any process or rules out there to link people websites however I created my own rule. I decided that I would ask for permission to add someone website to my blog. It is import to me and out of respect for each individual. At the same time it does provide them to choose yes or no.

As you can see I do have a few links. Since I am slightly a perfectionist I created two different link. One is for the authors and the other is for my other links. Yes, I did ask permission for them too.

This is a new adventure and I love every moment of it.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog and lets see what the future will bring.

Some of my favorites

Hello everyone,

I have been wondering what to write about and decided to start with name of authors. There are so many of them.

At this moment I am reading Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Excuses Begone. It is interesting with the techniques he share for changing our way of thinking. I am not far into the book and at the same time I can see the process. I will see where it takes me.

The other book I have read in the past month was I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t)  by Brene Brown. The information was eye opening for me. I like her research and the response of the people. She talks about telling the truth about perfectionism, inadequacy and power. For me it is a good learning curve.

Other authors I like are Patricia Cornwell, Terry Brooks, Faye Kellerman, Jonathan Kellerman, James Paterson and much more.

It will be fun to share my thoughts and see what others think. I hope this will be fun, friendly and with an open mind. We do all have different thoughts about what is a great book and at the same time we can all share our love of books. My goal is to discover more authors and new books.

Have a great time reading.